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Custom Carports and Pergolas has a broad range of products and services, specifically designed and engineered to make your back garden and outdoor entertainment areas amazing.
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Patio Builder Melbourne

Are you planning to improve your outdoor living experience with a new patio for your home? Our team of experienced patio builders in Melbourne understands the importance of creating a space that not only looks great but also functions well for your specific needs. Whether you are looking to create a cosy outdoor living area, a space for entertaining guests, or a quiet retreat to enjoy some alone time, we can bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re located in Keilor, Strathmore, or Coburg, Custom Carports and Pergolas are more than just your average patio builder in Melbourne. At Custom Carports and Pergolas, we believe that every homeowner deserves a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

An Entertainers Dream, a backyard patio or verandah is a must have outdoor living area extension to your home.

Design Considerations

To get started on the concept design phase, a simple decision will need to be made, whether to build a flat (skillion) roof or gable roof? This is the most common consideration when planning to build an outdoor living space.The answer very much lies in the preference of the owner. Following are the considerations that relate to each option.

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Custom Patio in Melbourne – Design and Installation

We build custom Patios & Verandahs that look beautiful in your outdoor area. Create a chic alfresco dining space or a shaded retreat to enjoy Melbourne’s sunny afternoons. The choice is yours!

Our professionals guide you throughout the process, from helping you choose the right materials to assisting you with design choices that stay within your budget.

Likewise, all our Patios & Verandahs are designed to withstand all weather conditions, making them last all year round.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Custom Carports and Pergolas in Melbourne

As an extension of your home, we aim to deliver outdoor spaces that meet your needs.

Our experienced patio installers take the design and structural elements into consideration, creating a patio that is designed to last.

Whether you desire a timeless classic design or a modern patio or verandah, our team is fully equipped to bring your vision to life

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Treated Timber Frame

For the frame of the patio or verandah, there are 2 options to consider, timber or steel. The most cost-effective and durable timber option is treated pine. It is also readily available and practical to use. It is painted to your chosen colour with consideration of the existing colour-scheme of your home. It is recommended that paint is re-applied every 10 years and paint suitable for application in external environments is used.

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Steel frame

A steel frame is also a common choice among our customers. Steel beams that are powder-coated to a select range of colours, providing you with a ‘maintenance-free’ option. Cleaning dust and cob webs will be as far as you would need to go when maintaining your steel structure for years to come.

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Colorbond Roof Sheets

We only utilise ‘Made by Australia’ steel roof sheets for our projects. Colorbond roof sheets are designed and tested for the Australian climate. Various profiles and a large range of colours are available for selection. The ceiling can be closed off with plasterboard to achieve a flat ceiling to match the internals ceilings of your home.

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Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Polycarbonate sheeting is often utilised in order to allow natural light into habitable and non-habitable areas. We have the option to utilise polycarbonate sheeting throughout or to utilise polycarbonate sheeting along with colorbond sheeting. Various shades and colours are available for selection, depending on the customers preference for the balance between natural light and heat transmission. Darker shaded sheets allow less light and heat transmission.

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Insulated Panel Roof Sheets

Insulated panels provide a higher-end ceiling finish for those who prefer an alternative to standard colorbond and polycarbonate roof sheeting. Insulated panels provide a similar ceiling finish to the traditional plasterboard ceiling, while providing superior insulation. Downlights and ceiling fans can be incorporated into the design.

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Design of your new Patios & Verandahs

  • Gable Roof

    A gable roof patio or verandah provides a classic look with increased height. The industry standard pitch the roof is built to is 22deg. Due to the available height under the ridge beam, it is possible that a fan is installed to provide some comfort during warmer days and evenings. Inevitably the design provides for a spacious feel and is suitable for those that appreciate some extra head room. The only downside is cost, as they are dearer to build when compared to a flat roof, especially in steel.

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  • Flat Roof

    Although the name suggests no fall, these roofs are commonly built to a pitch between a 1 deg to 5 deg pitch. The determination of the pitch is dependent on a number of factors i.e. height of your homes fascia, width of structure in the direction of the roof fall a flat roof design is less expensive to build compared to a gable roof design.

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  • Riser brackets

    With the use of riser brackets, up to an additional 600mm of roof height can be achieved from the current fascia level of your home. The section above the gutter can be left open or closed up with sheeting, the common preference being to close it off with polycarbonate sheeting.

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  • Roof Extenda Brackets

    Roof extenda brackets are a propriety system whereby brackets are positioned directly above the timber wall plate of your home and fixed to the wall plate and rafter as it extends over the wall plate. This system of roof design is called the ‘fly-over design’ and can be especially popular with homes that have a steel fascia gutter installed.

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  • Fascia Attachments

    The roof of a Verandah or patio are most commonly attached to the fascia directly below the gutter, by either attaching timber rafters directly to the timber fascia with joist hangers whilst strengthening the timber fascia by blocking out behind the fascia, or with the use of rafter brackets that are directly bolted on to the rafters of your roof. This method of attachment suits most standard height homes.

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  • Wall Attachments

    ‘Where the heights of eaves are 2.7m high or higher, it is possible to attached the roof of your verandah or patio directly to the wall, whether your home is brick or timber weatherboards’. For brick walls beams are anchored into the brickwork with bolts or masonry screws. For weatherboard homes, steel or timber waling beams are screwed through the weatherboards and fixed into the stud wall behind.

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Custom Carports and Pergolas
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Life’s too short to compromise

Custom Carports and Pergolas was created with a focus on providing custom design and build solutions throughout Victoria whilst capitalising on 25 years of service through the national company – Outside Concepts. Outside Concepts has built a reputation of exemplary customer service and quality designs, with over 30,000 projects completed, you’re in safe hands!

Our Process
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    Initial Enquiry
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    Concept Design & Quote
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    Site Measure
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    Preparation of Plans and Building Permit Application
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    Building Permit Approval
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    Final sign-off by Building Surveyor
Why Choose Custom Carports and Pergolas for your Verandah?
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    With our full-service packages, we provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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    Our extensive experience provides you with the most attractive and practical options.

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    Experience top-tier products and services without breaking the bank.

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    We use sustainable timber products, which is better for our environment.

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    We are always committed to your satisfaction

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    Custom design solutions that are focussed on your lifestyle and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Custom Carports and Pergolas as my patio or verandah builder in Melbourne?

Custom Carports and Pergolas offers end-to-end services, from concept design, to obtaining permits through to installation. With thousands of successful projects completed, we deliver patios or verandahs that are both beautiful and functional, crafted from high-grade materials to ensure durability and longevity.

What makes you different from other patio or verandah installers in Melbourne?

At Custom Carports and Pergolas, we prioritise crafting unique outdoor spaces that cater to the individual style, needs, and lifestyle of each homeowner. Our team of skilled professionals guide you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish.

Do you offer custom patio or verandah options in Melbourne?

Absolutely, we excel in constructing custom patio or verandah that seamlessly blend with your home and outdoor area. Our professionals guide you in every step, assisting you with choosing materials and making design choices that reflect your personality, all within your budget.

What areas in Melbourne do you serve as a patio or verandah builder?

We provide services throughout Victoria including Essendon and nearby locations including Keilor, Strathmore, and Coburg. Each patio or verandah we construct is tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners across these Melbourne suburbs.

How can I get in touch with you for patio or verandah installation in Melbourne?

You can easily begin your journey for a beautiful and functional outdoor space in Melbourne by simply completing the Enquiry form on our home page and we’ll come back to you promptly! You can also reach our team on 1800 010 677 to discuss your project or schedule a consultation.

Our experts will help you transform your patio or verandah dreams into reality.

How to Choose the Right Patio for Your Outdoor Space

With a diverse range of designs, materials, and styles available, we simplify the process by evaluating the space available, your home’s architecture, your budget, and the function you want your patio to serve.

We liaise with your local council regarding any permits or building restrictions that might apply to your patio project. We then come up with a practical design solution within council requirements.

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Why Choose Custom Carports and Pergolas for your Patio Builder in Melbourne?

  • End-to-end services: From design, to permits to installation, we offer comprehensive patio building services across Melbourne.
  • Exceptional quality: We use high-grade materials on all our projects, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Local expertise: We understand Melbourne’s lifestyle and regulations, enabling us to deliver Patios & Verandahs that are not only beautiful but also functional.
  • Affordable luxury: Enjoy premium outdoor spaces without breaking your bank. We offer competitive pricing so you can achieve luxury within your budget.
  • Customised designs: Every patio we construct is tailored to meet the specific needs of the homeowner.

The Perfect Patio – Contact Us Today

Take a step towards enhancing your outdoor living space with a beautifully designed, custom-built patio.

Simply complete the Enquiry form on our home page and we’ll come back to you promptly! You can also reach our team on 1800 010 677 to discuss your project or schedule a consultation.

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